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Our Specialty: Naturopathic Medicine

Our practice is based on educating patients to take responsibility for their lifestyle, diet and habits while utilizing supplements and alternative therapies until the body restores its own ability to achieve equilibrium.

Our focus is on “natural” health with the aid of botanical supplements, homeopathy, nutrition, physical medicine nature cure and psychological counseling such as meditation and relaxation.

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OrthoMune – Formula with all the recommended immune support nutrients, for adults and kids.

Colostrum – can be taken year ’round, for adults and kids.

Viracid – Take as needed when feeling unwell, for adults.

ViraKids – Take as needed when feeling unwell, for kids.

Standard Process Children’s Immune – Overall immune support for kids.

Proactive Therapies and Services Offered

BioTerrain Analysis

The clinical monitoring of the internal biochemical environment of the body


Targeted Bioresonance, Sound Frequencies and Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency in one unique device

Lyme Disease Education

It is estimated that 476,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease in the US every year

Biomat/Bio-Acoustic Mat Therapy

Far Infrared Energy & Binaural Sound Therapy

Body Composition

An analysis of the bodily tissues and determines muscle, fat and body cell mass

Weight Loss

Comprehensive weight loss program


High quality supplements from over 70 suppliers

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Happy Customers

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  • I have been going to Dr Troy for over 10 years. He has helped me through the worst time (health wise) of my life when he discovered that I had Lyme disease. I continue to see him to keep Lyme disease at bay and maintain my health. He also helped me and my daughter knock Covid out of our system. I have referred him to many of my friends. He genuinely cares about his patients. Sara and Shotzie always welcome with a smile! I am so grateful for Abundant Life Wellness Center.
  • Im a costumer for many years. The best experience. Doctor Troy and team very professionals. Many blessings!
  • I finally decided to listen to my wife and get help from doctor Troy. Chronic fatigue had been a problem for several years, although I did not know I even had it. After a Bio Terrain Dr. Troy have me an amazingly clear picture of what was really going in with my health. It's only been 30 days, but the use of the supplements he prescribed is changing things for me at a foundational level. I am starting to have more energy on a consistent basis and am not struggling to stay awake during the day like I had been. I know this will continue to improve. I am very grateful for a second chance at a healthy life that going to see the team at Abundant Wellness is giving me!
  • Amp Coil… I was having some major ‘gut’ issues. This had been going on 4 weeks with no end in site. I was told by my doc to take Imodium and probiotics. It didn’t fix the problem. I stopped in to Abundant Life Wellness to pick up supplements and talked with Troy about the issues I was having. He suggested trying a session with the AMP COIL. All I can say is AMAZING!! After that one session my issue was improved 80%!! I went in for a second session and now I’m 90% back to normal. You really need to check this AMAZING therapy out!! THANK YOU TROY!!
  • Abundant Life Wellness is terrific! It was recommended to me 13 years ago by friends, and has made a tremendous positive difference in my own health. I recommend AL 100%! Although I no longer live in WI, I have not found another provider as excellent as AL, so I continue to order from AL and have their quality products shipped to me and my family regularly!

We are a full-service nutritional store positioned as a helpful source of caring, objective, affordable and sensible products and services for a healthy life.


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