BioTerrain Analysis

Biological Terrain Assessment is the clinical monitoring of the internal biochemical environment of the body. Just as plants require a balanced soil (or terrain) in order to grow and defend themselves against disease, so our bodies require a balanced chemical environment in order for them to grow and defend themselves against disease. By bringing the body’s “environment” back into balance we provide an opportunity for health.

The body’s “environment” is determined through analysis of the saliva, urine and blood in three significant areas. Each area reveals vital information regarding the environment in which the cells of the body are operating. The health of the body is determined by the health of each individual cell. This is why we look for specific information at the cellular level. The three areas of evaluation are:

The three components of this analysis are:

  • pH measurement: This measurement can indicate whether or not a person’s biochemistry is too acidic or too alkaline. If the correct pH is not present, then the vital enzymaticreactions necessary to promote health will not take place. Some of the vital functions that are significantly affected by this change in pH include the inability of the body to adequately digest food, absorb vitamins and minerals, and transport essential nutrition to the cells. In addition to hindering the nutrition of the body, a pH that is out of balance can also provide an environment for bacteria, fungus, yeast and various other microorganisms to exist and multiply.
  • Oxidative-stress: We have all heard of the damaging effects of free radicals. There is very little that is more damaging to the overall health of the body than the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable substances that, in the process of becoming stable, cause tremendous amounts of deterioration to the body. If these values continue to remain elevated for extended periods of time, the body becomes more susceptible to illness, disease, degeneration, and premature aging.
  • Resistivity: This measurement is an indicator of the gross mineral concentration within the body’s fluids. If minerals are deficient, enzymatic reactions cannot occur. Likewise, if there are too many minerals, the body becomes clogged and congested so that the fluids that were designed to flow freely become sluggish and incapable of performing their vital roles in health.

The road towards disease is a road of consistent imbalances; too much sugar, starch, red meat, and too much stress, in combination with fewer fresh vegetables and fruits and too little exercise and clean air.

Is it any wonder that the road back to health would be marked by bringing not only diet and lifestyle back into balance, but also the internal chemistry of the body. The unique design of each individual demands an individual approach to health. These tests are designed to identify the unique needs of your body. The program of diet, exercise, and supplementation is specific to you. Isn’t it time to put things back into balance so you can begin living the life you were designed to live? We would be glad to answer all of your questions and help you get on that road back to balance and back to health!