Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis can form the basis for a wide variety of therapeutic, health and fitness recommendations. When combined with nutrition and exercise, body composition analysis provides the foundation on which progress in health can be monitored. Only this analysis can determine how much muscle, fat and body cell mass are lost or gained as the result of a health care professional’s recommendations.

Scale weight is not an indicator of an individual’s fat, lean body mass or health. It is the correct balance between the types of bodily tissues that aids the body in obtaining and maintaining optimum health. The analysis of these “tissues” is what is called Body Composition Analysis.

Most other analyzers only report body composition in terms of fat and fat-free mass. Our Body Composition system is the only system that has a three-component assessment that surpasses all other analyzers. The three components of this analysis are:

  • FAT – Body fat or stored potential energy
  • BCM – Body Cell Mass. This is the measurement of the working part of the body; the part that is able to convert the stored fat into energy and additional working cells.
  • ECM– Extracellular Mass. This is the measurement of the fluids that transport Needed nutrients as well as the fluids that allow for removal of waste material.

You will receive a detailed graphical representation of each measurement, a thorough review of your results and a full exercise and nutritional program. We will show you the progress you can make when you follow the program we have outlined for you.