Patient Intake

Welcome to Abundant Life! We are so glad you chose us and we are looking forward to serving you on your health journey!

Before your first appointment, please fill out the client intake form and symptom survey online, and submit by email, or you can print them out and bring them along on the day of your appointment.


What to bring to your first appointment

  • A list of any prescribed or over-the-counter medications, nutritional supplements, herbal products, homeopathics, flower essences or other health products. You can also list these on your intake form.
  • Medical laboratory testing results that were performed in the last 6 months (blood tests, urinalysis, thyroid or other hormone tests, etc.). If you need to obtain copies from your physician’s office or hospital, please do so.
  • A list of what you consumed over the 3 days previous to your appointment (quantities are not important, just the items themselves are fine).

Cancellation Policy
We would greatly appreciate a minimum of 24 hours notice if you must reschedule or cancel your appointment, so that we have the opportunity to fill it. Our office confirms all appointments 24-48 hours in advance.

PLEASE NOTE – it is our policy to charge the scheduled appointment fee for all no-shows or any cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment.