About Our Supplements

One of the goals of Abundant Life Wellness Center is to provide our patients with the best quality supplements that we can find on the market today. We have researched many companies to find that quality while at the same time looking for the best value.

We strongly encourage you to compare your current products to other products on the market. This will help you to be a “smart” consumer. There are several areas we look at when researching a new company — ingredients, cost per pill and absorption by the body.

When looking for ingredients, make sure that only the most natural substances are used and that they have the proper amounts for your needs. This area is usually the easiest to compare. Cost per pill is sometimes more difficult to compare. You need to compare total doses required to the amount of pills in the bottle. For example, sometimes a bottle of 60 tablets at $40 may seem like the cost is quite a bit more than the bottle of 90 for $30. But upon further investigation, you may find that you need to take twice the amount of the cheaper product to reach the same dosage, thereby making the first product actually cheaper. Lastly, absorption is the key to quality products. Many “generic” products you may find at Walgreen’s or Wal-Mart, for example, may have the same ingredients at a much lower price but frequently they lack the absorption capability. If a pill or capsule passes through your body undissolved, it will not do you much, if any good.

Occasionally, we may switch a supplement you are on to a different company. Frequently, the reason for this is cost. If our distributor raises our cost, we need to pass some of that on to our customers. When this happens, we will look for a similar product from a different company to keep your cost as reasonable as possible.

The last point in regards to supplements is payment and insurance. Most insurance will not yet recognize supplements as medicine, even though they may improve your symptoms and make you better. You are welcome to try to submit them to your insurance. People have asked about using the cost of supplements as a medical deduction. We strongly advise you to contact your accountant or tax advisor for these answers.

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We maintain an inventory of only the highest quality items. If we don’t have it in-stock, we can almost always custom order whatever you need. In addition, we always have a number of products on sale with discounts up to 50%. Stop on in to browse our latest sales and specials on a wide assortment of vitamins and supplements, minerals and healthy natural products!

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