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We are a full-service nutritional store positioned as a helpful source of caring, objective, affordable and sensible products and services for a healthy life.

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Founder/CEO Troy Phillipson DHM, is a practitioner of integrative health who applies his skills to develop and advise on personal nutrition and weight control programs based on individual objectives. Using modern technology combined with compassionate healing techniques, the Abundant Life team helps people achieve improved health and wellness goals.

What We Offer

In addition to the highest quality supplements from over 70 suppliers, we offer health services via the AmpCoil, BioMat and a variety of other clinical services to help fine-tune your health and wellness. Schedule an appointment to reserve your spot.

Our Specialty: Naturopathic Medicine

Our practice is based on educating patients to take responsibility for their lifestyle, diet and habits while utilizing supplements and alternative therapies until the body restores its own ability to achieve equilibrium.

Our focus is on "natural" health with the aid of botanical supplements, homeopathy, nutrition, physical medicine nature cure and psychological counseling such as meditation and relaxation.

Comprehensive treatment plans blend the best of modern medical science with traditional natural medical approaches to alleviate discomfort and to restore health and vitality.

You have access to products from 70+ premium suppliers...

... and maintain an inventory of only the highest quality items. If we don't have it in-stock, we can custom order whatever you need. In addition, we always have a non-trivial percentage of our products on-sale with discounts up to 50%.

Stop on in to browse our latest sales and specials on a wide assortment of vitamins and supplements, minerals and healthy natural products...

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At Abundant Life Wellness Center, we feel that our services are an excellent complement to your medical care. Our specialty and expertise is in suggesting what supplements may be the most appropriate for you to take in order to support your body in its effort to heal itself. Our services ARE NOT intended to replace your medical care, and therefore we do not give medical advice. We do not diagnose disease, treat disease, or claim to cure or prevent disease. Nothing on this site has been evaluated by any regulatory agency.