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Special Announcements From Us To You

Not sure if these are all that special, but they are from us to you. Our primary mission is to provide something that's useful. If we can't do that, we'll settle for funny. Every so often, we will try to rock the boat to make a point.

SOUND HEALING FREQUENCIES for Lyme Disease     Apr 18, 2019

15 minutes of Bio Resonance Frequencies In Mountain Stream Format. Everything Has An Electronic Energy Signature.

LYME 101 - Back to Basics     Apr 3, 2019

Most people get Lyme from the bite of the nymphal, or immature, form of the tick. Nymphs are about the size of a poppy seed.

Warning: AmpCoil may induce napping     Mar 20, 2019

I used the Ampcoil for therapy for about an hour while lying on a warm, relaxing Biomat. Today I feel moderately better and will continue my Ampcoil regimen.

CDC Reports 2600% Increase     Mar 8, 2019

If you don't like ticks you should stay away from Wisconsin. Some say we are #4 in the country. CDC data says we are biting our way to the top of the infections list. Wear pants. Bring DEET.

You are hacked! Give me Bitcoin!     Mar 7, 2019

Worry not. This is just a way to try to get some $ from people who are not aware of how email works. This is called spoofing. Hope my 1 minute video helps. If you have Qs, feel free to contact me...

Out of the Rabbit Hole...And Into the Light     Mar 6, 2019

Welcome to Lymeland. An upside, inside out crazy making world where nothing is ever as it seems.

We entered LYMELAND in July 2014. And what a crazy rabbit hole this has been. A muddied, mangled, morass of information that has seemed impossible to sort out.

Avril Lavigne: The Lyme Warrior     Mar 4, 2019

The Canadian singer has been battling Lyme disease for over five years now. A few months ago, she released the single "Head Above Water," the first of her songs to describe her struggle with tick-borne illness.

Join Us! Thermography Event April 23rd     Mar 1, 2019

We are holding a Thermographic Get-Together on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019. We are now accepting reservations for slots starting at 11AM.

Cats, Dogs and the Lyme Map     Feb 28, 2019

Animals are generally not viewed as a direct source of Lyme or co infections. However, cats may directly infect humans with bartonella through scratching or biting. Studies in some parts of the US show that 80% of stray cats may be infected with bartonella.

Is there Lyme in my coconut?     Feb 25, 2019

According to the blood work done last week I am Lyme disease free. The AmpCoil indicated that I do have Lyme and my joints lean more in the AmpCoil direction. Blood work can be return false negatives.

Time to Use Your Voice     Feb 22, 2019

AmpCoil has a software-based biofeedback system called BetterGuide is a GPS-like tool which translates your vocal patterns and guides your decisions based on actual physiological data.

Cymatics: Sound holds life together     Feb 21, 2019

Sound can be visualized to better understand the way it works. The science of Cymatics vividly demonstrates how inert substances can be brought to life when stimulated by audible sound frequencies.

Get Healthy While You Sleep     Feb 19, 2019

"Infrared Therapies are providing tremendous relief and wellness to Lyme Disease patients." This 2 min video is worth a look if you would like to learn about far infrared energy and the BioMat.

Bunzels Meats Blasts Taste Buds     Feb 18, 2019

On a regular basis we promote local businesses and Bunzels (only 10 miles from our front door) gets the award this week for place you MUST go if you've never been. Their quality is off the charts...

Can you get Lyme from Mosquitos?     Feb 15, 2019

I think was bitten by a mosquito last summer while taking my new puppy out for walks. I have never seen anything close to bombardment of mosquitoes that bit me last summer and fall. Some say a mosquito is not physically able to transmit Lyme to humans. I would like to know the real answer, darn it..

Shattering Cancer With Resonant Frequencies     Feb 14, 2019

Bio-resonance frequency can eliminate pathogens and flush out heavy metals and chemicals from our body. Unfortunately the drug companies reign in the medical world...

Star Trek Inspired Real Things     Feb 12, 2019

This video does an excellent job of explaining how the AmpCoil operates. The thing you need to remember is just because something seems impossible to you now does not mean that it is not true.

The Power of Vibration     Feb 4, 2019

The AmpCoil technology uses sound vibrations, similar but not as dangerous as tesla vibrations. I like Gary's video because he is a holistic practitioner who watched his patient...

How to Send an Anonymous Message     Feb 3, 2019

An article from our IT guy about something fully unrelated to supplements, AmpCoils and Lyme disease.

Can you send secret messages? Yes. Kinda.

Deb Meets The AmpCoil - Changes Her Life     Jan 11, 2019

Living here means a higher chance of being chomped by a tick and the AmpCoil reported I likely have the Lyme!. This did not shock me as I had felt all along that something was wrong. At least now I know!

Good news! I can now address the symptoms and pains...

Our New Lyme Stomper: The AmpCoil     Jan 3, 2019

Intro Takes Only 30 Mins What's it like? We will ask you to say some letters ... A-E-I-O-U and the first part of the alphabet. That's it!

We will walk you through the output and explore how we might improve your health and wellness.

Merry Christmas!     Dec 20, 2108

We now have an AmpCoil in-house to help with holiday detox. An intro session takes only 30 minutes. If you schedule before Christmas, the intro session is on us! Pre-pay for six sessions and we'll include one more.

Try the AmpCoil - Schedule Now

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