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Special Announcements From Us To You

Not sure if these are all that special, but they are from us to you. Recently we began sending out premium-grade bulk email to our friends/clients. Each time we do, we will add it here so you can keep up in case you just started. It also let's you know how often we send email messages. (Not all of these were blasted out via email. This is also just to list random things we post.)

Bunzels Meats Blasts Taste Buds Feb 18, 2019

On a regular basis we promote local businesses and Bunzels (only 10 miles from our front door) gets the award this week for place you MUST go if you've never been. Their quality is off the charts...

Shattering Cancer With Resonant Frequencies Feb 14, 2019

Bio-resonance frequency can eliminate pathogens and flush out heavy metals and chemicals from our body. Unfortunately the drug companies reign in the medical world...

Star Trek Inspired Real Things Feb 12, 2019

This video does an excellent job of explaining how the AmpCoil operates. The thing you need to remember is just because something seems impossible to you now does not mean that it is not true.

The Power of Vibration Feb 4, 2019

The AmpCoil technology uses sound vibrations, similar but not as dangerous as tesla vibrations. I like Gary's video because he is a holistic practitioner who watched his patient...

How to Send an Anonymous Message Feb 3, 2019

An article from our IT guy about something fully unrelated to supplements, AmpCoils and Lyme disease.

Can you send secret messages? Yes. Kinda.

Deb Meets The AmpCoil - Changes Her Life Jan 11, 2019

Living here means a higher chance of being chomped by a tick and the AmpCoil reported I likely have the Lyme!. This did not shock me as I had felt all along that something was wrong. At least now I know!

Good news! I can now address the symptoms and pains...

Our New Lyme Stomper: The AmpCoil Jan 3, 2019

Intro Takes Only 30 Mins What's it like? We will ask you to say some letters ... A-E-I-O-U and the first part of the alphabet. That's it!

We will walk you through the output and explore how we might improve your health and wellness.

Merry Christmas! Dec 20, 2108

We now have an AmpCoil in-house to help with holiday detox. An intro session takes only 30 minutes. If you schedule before Christmas, the intro session is on us! Pre-pay for six sessions and we'll include one more.

Try the AmpCoil - Schedule Now

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