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Some History

This website and the underlying system is a derivative work from a project called NailCar which was designed to improve the probability of sub-prime customers paying their auto loans on-time. That's an unusual starting point, but suffice it to say, without that project, none of this would have been possible-- or at least it could not have been accomplished as efficiently and quickly.

From start to launch, an entire POS (point-of-sale) integration took only 42 calendar days, with half of that being business/inventory prep and roll-up-the-sleeves data entry. When this began, all inventory and supplier management data was paper-based. The public-facing website (all the pages you can click here now) was assembled over a weekend.

NailCar is a collection of files (also referred to as scripts) designed to monitor, alert and connect data.

That was our objective and that's what we're doing now:

Monitoring 70+ suppliers, tracking all orders and payments, handling supply-chain logistics for 850+ products so to provide business performance metrics via a dashboard that can be accessed from any location via laptop or smartphone.

What makes this unique is that the POS portion now can directly feed product data to the website.

A Few Examples

  • Promote e.g., What's on sale
  • Allow clients to order services and products online
  • Connect to payment processors to allow pay-by-phone
  • Schedule and confirm client appointments
  • Integrate 2-way texting for client communication
  • Improve client response and follow-up time

This was built as light-weight as possible, meaning no 3rd party content management system (CMS) was used because doing that would have been excessive overhead, making it almost impossible to maintain.

Example: The previous website here used a CMS that was comprised of about 9000 files just to manage a few dozen pages of content. In contrast, this new system, including the entire POS functionality, is only 5% of that size.

As a result an integrated sales management system now exists here which permits AbundantLife to easily scale while increasing focus on those things that improve the quality of life for clients and staff.

Credits and Attributions

HTML / js

  • - Used in early prototypes that helped with rapid development
  • Lazy-Mofo (data grid viewer/editor)
  • popper (
  • bootstrap (
  • (a plug-in for the jQuery)

Dev Tools/Environment

  • Nailcar Monitoring Framework (
  • PHP/mySQL
  • Notepad (text editor)
  • Filezilla FTP


  • (Yahoo!)
  • hint.css
  • reset v2.0 (


  • Font Awesome (
  • (background images)
  • Irfanview (image editor)


  • html5shiv.js (@afarkas @jdalton @jon_neal @rem)
  • Respond.js (
  • Skel (
  • Moxiecode Systems AB (


  • CCA 3.0
  • GPLv2
  • BSD

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