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Bunzels Deli on Burleigh is Awesome     By Deb     Posted 2/18/2019

I recently walked in to Bunzels at 90th and Burleigh to pick up my order and a member of their staff said hello to me in such a friendly manner I felt like I had just walked into a time machine and was transported back to when neighborhood shops were the norm.

The greeting was Hello young lady, what can I do for you?

It doesn't matter if you are closer to 30 or 60; to be addressed in this fashion just makes you feel wonderful all day.

My summary

  • The quality and taste BLEW US AWAY; will be remembered for years
  • The cole slaw was the best I have ever had
  • Carrot cake was out of this world
  • Filet was mind-blowing in texture and taste
  • High-quality bacon was beyond scrumptious
  • Lobster as sweet as honey
  • Salad was outstanding with large fresh leafy greens and veggies
What an exceptional shopping experience from start to finish and worth whatever drive it takes you to get there. (Only 10 miles from Abundant Life)

Yelp agrees

Bunzel's: A time machine to delicious healthy meats and deli perfection

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