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Can you get Lyme from Mosquitos?     By Deb     Posted 2/15/2019

A few years after the discovery of the Borrelia Burgorferi in 1981 by Willy Burgdorfer, some scientists began to suspect that mosquitoes and other insects could be involved in the spread of Lyme borreliosis; and specifically in 1985-1987 studies began to appear on this subject, some controversial, others more convincing of the fact that mosquitoes that feed on blood from animals contaminated with Borrelia, could be vectors of the disease and contribute to the epidemic that attacks the whole world today by this spirochete. Ticks are always spoken of as the only and great vector, but today I bring you some references that will make you think that there is something "hidden" and perhaps not revealed about Lyme Borreliosis: mosquitoes as transmitting vectors.

The reason I posted this is because I feel I was bitten by a mosquito last summer while taking my new German Shepherd puppy out for potty breaks. I have lived in Wisconsin since 2012 and have never seen anything close to the EPIC and frightening bombardment of mosquitoes that bit me last summer and fall.

Some say a mosquito is not able to transmit Lyme to humans. I would like to know the real answer.

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