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Get Healthy While Sleeping
BioMat: How Far Infrared Technology Works
    By Deb     Posted 2/19/2019

Infrared Therapies are providing tremendous relief and wellness to Lyme Disease patients. There are multiple therapies for home use as well as in a practitioners office or medical spa that are available. Far Infrared Improves Circulation & Cardiovascular Function Improves Immune System Function Relieves Pain and Chronic Inflammation Burns Calories and Controls Weight Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness Reduces Stress and Fatigue Improves Skin Assists in Detoxification

The reason I was drawn to this vid was that I was introduced to the Richway Fuji Biomat at Abundant Life several years ago. I currently own several biomats and would not be without one. Stop in and try one out, they feel warm and marvelous. I sleep on a full size BioMat every night -- and cats also love curling-up on the mini.

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