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Pets and Lyme Disease in Wisconsin     By Deb Maurer Posted 2/28/2019

Animals are generally not viewed as a direct source of Lyme or co infections. However, cats may directly infect humans with bartonella through scratching or biting. Studies in some parts of the United States show that up to 80% of stray cats are infected with bartonella. Great I just adopted a stray! So what is the cure for the cat who is infected with Lyme?


I can attest from taking my GSD puppy Mia out for potty breaks that your chances of being bite by a tick or anything else are greatly increased do to frequent and repeated exposure to areas that have ticks. I was outside with my dog because I had to be, not because I wanted to be all the time. Wisconsin is a hotbed for Lyme so take cover when stomping around in the woods.

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