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About BTA and RCA

When your tire goes flat, pumping in more air seems like a good idea, but nobody does that without pondering why. Logically, we first look for the reason why it's flat. We instinctively know that the lack of air is not the real problem. The flat tire is the symptom. With Bio Terrain Analysis, we seek to find the reason your tire doesn't hold air. With that baseline knowledge, we can help you make changes and monitor your progess. As your health improves, symptoms go away.

Some output from a BTA (Bio Terrain Assessment) report

Conventional health care often tries only to pump more air into bad tires. Conventional health care generally does not apply root cause analysis. They are prescriptive in nature because insurance generally does not cover preventive claims. If you have a cough, a cough suppressant is a common treatment.

RCA (Root Cause Analysis) is a process for identifying root causes of problems and an approach for responding to them. RCA is based on the basic idea that effective management requires more than merely putting air in flat tires. We need to find the cause and understand how to prevent that condition.

The roots that we look for in the BTA exist in an environmental or biological terrain. Just as the roots of a tree grow in soil, the roots of a health issue grow in an environment that is conducive to that particular problem. When we alter the soil, we alter the roots. In this way we have a real chance of bringing lasting relief by changing the environment

Even if your condition is complex or unknown, we can always work on terrain. By doing so, we might be able to shift the course of disease progression by continuously monitoring and improving the human soil.

Here's what page 1 of a BTA looks like for a fictional client named Kim. Here is more of the BTA that deals with suggested therapy and physiology.

The BTA is your baseline to measure your current state. After you make changes, you periodically retest so you can chart your progess to a life of health and wellness.

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