My First AmpCoil Session

20 minutes that changed my life. It's always better to know

My First AmpCoil Session

For the last several years I did not have any diagnostic blood work or tests done as I simply did not want to know the results.

Today I decided that in 2019 I was not going to run away from finding out if I had any health related problems, that is not who I am.

So, with trusty dog Mia in-tow, we went to Abundant Life to try the AmpCoil. I spoke some letters into an iPad and minutes later, I learned LOTS about my health. Some things I kind of knew, other things I didn't.

Living in Wisconsin means a higher chance of being chomped by a tick and the AmpCoil reported I likely have Lyme Disease. This did not shock me as I had felt all along that something was wrong. At least now I know!

The good news: I can now address the symptoms and pains that I was chalking up to age or something more scary. I often have elbow pain, but I never play tennis! Sometimes my ankle hurts to the point of limping. Now I know why.

As a strong person, knowing has always been preferable than not knowing.

Now I can take the steps I need to deal with this and I have a sense of empowerment that comes from facing your fears and taking positive steps toward a more balanced life.

I didn't want to do this, but now my life has changed for the better. I'm eager to start down the road of giving my body what it needs to recover.

Thank you Dr. Troy!

-Deb M
Mequon, WI


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